Emergency Services

Cody Davis
Department of Emergency Services Chief

Charles Kirby
Emergency Management Coordinator

The County's Emergency Operations Plan is kept at the county administration office. If an emergency arises where citizens' well-being is at risk, refer to local media such as: 95.7 WFLO FM, 105.3 WBNN FM, TV Stations NBC 12, NBC 29, ABC 8, CBS 6 and other sources of media.

What to do in the event of a tornado: The link below contains valuable information regarding how to respond in the event of a tornado.

Tornado Preparedness Information

E-911 Address System

E-911 addresses are issued following completion of the footer inspection performed by the county building inspector. If you have questions please contact Charles Kirby at 434.969.4242 or ckirby@buckinghamcounty.virginia.gov.