The Magistrate's Office is located in the basement of the courthouse complex inside the Sheriff's Office.

The principal function of the magistrate is to provide an independent and unbiased review of complaints brought to the office by law enforcement officers and citizens. Although they do serve as conservators of the peace, magistrates are not connected with law enforcement. Instead, magistrates serve as a buffer between law enforcement and society. In addition, magistrates assist the public by providing general information on civil and criminal processes and procedures.

Magistrates have the power to perform such duties issuing

  • arrest warrants
  • search warrants
  • subpoenas
  • summonses
  • emergency protective orders
  • emergency custody orders
  • temporary mental detention orders
  • medical emergency custody
  • temporary detention orders
  • set bail or commit to jail

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Contact Information

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Buckingham, Virginia 23921
Phone: 434-969-1772
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