Juror Information

The Constitution guarantees an accused the right to a jury selected from a cross-section of the community.  Members of a circuit court jury are selected from a master list prepared by jury commissioners appointed by the circuit court.  The master list is developed by random selection from the voter registration list and other lists of citizens of the city or county, which the circuit court serves.  

Juror Questionnaires
Once a year, prospective jurors are selected at random from a current list of registered voters to receive a jury questionnaire. The responses to the questionnaire are reviewed by a team of jury commissioners who have been appointed by the Court to determine which citizens are qualified to serve as jurors. Those citizens who qualify make up the master jury list for the next calendar year from which jurors are selected to serve jury duty.  You are required to complete the questionnaire within the time period specified on the form. 

Please complete the questionnaire by hand, sign, and return in the envelope provided.  Please follow the instructions provided on the questionnaire.  Several of the possible exemptions require that additional documentation be submitted with the questionnaire. Please be sure to provide the specific information requested.

Jury Service Information 
If you have been chosen for jury duty, please review The Answer Book for Jury Service located on the Virginia Supreme Court website. 

Juror Orientation Video 
For additional information on the structure and proceedings of a jury trial, please watch the Jury Orientation Video available on the Virginia Supreme Court website. 

Jury Cancellations

There are no cancellations to report at this time.