Commissioner of Revenue

Ms. Stephanie D. Love
Commissioner of Revenue

13380 W James Anderson Hwy
Po Box 138
Buckingham, VA  23921

The Commissioner of the Revenue is a State constitutional officer as stated in the Constitution of Virginia and is the chief assessing officer of the local government. This is an elected position for a four-year term and serves the taxpayers as well as the County.

Taxes  taken in generate revenue for Buckingham County, include personal property tax, real estate tax, as well as taxes that fall within the guidelines of the state and local tax codes. This office also serves as a source of assessment data or researching and planning for the state and local community. State Income Tax, including accelerated returns and estimated income tax processing, are a major function of the office. These revenues go to the Commonwealth of Virginia, rather than the County of Buckingham.

Dates to Remember

JULY 1 Tax Stabilization
MAY 1 Business tax forms due
MAY 1 Personal Property form due
MAY 1 State income tax due

Tax Rates

Real Estate: $0.60 per $100 of assessed value
Public Service Corporation: $0.60 per $100 of assessed value
Personal Property: $4.05 per $100 of assessed value
Machinery & Tools: $2.90 per $100 of assessed value
Aircraft: $1.10 per $100 of assessed value
Merchant's Capital: $1.00 per $100 of assessed value

Printable Forms

The following forms are available in PDF format and cannot be submitted electronically. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, Click Here.

  1. Tax Stabilization for the Elderly and Disabled Form
  2. Return of Tangible Business Personal Property Filing Form
  3. Return of Tangible Personal Property Filing Form
  4. State Income Tax Form
  5. Disabled Veteran Affidavit Form
  6. Transient/Occupancy Tax Return

Contact Information

Business Taxes (434) 969-4972
Personal Property (434) 969-4181
Real Estate (434) 969-4972
State Income (434) 969-4181
Real Estate Tax Relief (434) 969-4972
FAX (434) 969-2753