The Utilities Department offers many services to County and Town (of Dillwyn) citizens, including repairing leaks in water and sewer lines and repairing any damages made, billing for services and usage to citizens, maintaining safe drinking water and overall operation of wastewater and water plants. Read more>


Animal Control

The Animal Control Officers (ACO's) are available to respond to domestic animal calls. Read more>


Emergency Services

The County's Emergency Operations Plan is kept at the county administration office. If an emergency arises where citizens' well-being is at risk, refer to local media such as: 95.7 WFLO FM, 105.3 WBNN FM, TV Stations NBC 12, NBC 29, ABC 8, CBS 6 and other sources of media. Read more>



The County Recreation Department has expanded to cover activities such as aerobics, yoga, basketball, swimming, softball, and many others. Read more>


Solid Waste & Recycling

Buckingham County has an extensive and comprehensive solid waste and recycling program in place for county residents. The director of the department oversees all operations of the department, including proper disposal of all wastes, maintaining a county-wide recycling program, and other duties as prescribed by the County Administrator. Read more>



Read more>


General Registrar / Elections

The Office of Voter Registration and Elections, working with the Buckingham County Electoral Board, coordinates all elections in Buckingham County and offers services to the public including: voter registration, absentee voting, sample ballots, and the management of local candidates filing for office. Read more>


Our Location/Facility

The Buckingham County Administration Building is located on US Route 60 approximately 2/10 (two-tenths) of a mile east of the Buckingham County Courthouse.  The Buckingham County Health Department and the Buckingham Department of Social Services are also located in this building. This building houses the following Constitutional officers and county departments: County Administrator, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, animal control, building inspection, zoning, utilities, recreation, solid waste, Planning Commission, and industrial development.


Board of Supervisors

Mr. Don Matthews | District 3 (Chairman)

Mr. T. Jordan Miles | District 4 (Vice-Chairman)

Mr. Dennis Davis | District 1

Mr. Donnie Bryan | District 2

Mr. Harry W. Bryant | District 5 (Chairman)

Mr. Joe Chambers | District 6

Mr. Danny R. Allen | District 7

Get in Touch

(434) 969-4242

13380 West James Anderson Hwy
Buckingham, VA 23921